Nanoliter Microplate Dispensing

automated non-contact SBS multidrop plate dispenser

d2 reagent dispenser

The d2 is a 2 valve nanolitre microplate reagent dispenser with revolutionary ease of use.

Designed from first principles to give you everything you need and nothing you don't need, which keeps the price and footprint small enough for any lab.

The d2 is small and lightweight and does not require a complex installation or a site visit by an engineer. Simply connect power and comms, open your browser and begin. No complex software to install!

We are constantly updating the software and welcome feedback and feature requests from our user base.

Purchase options and pricing

D2 accessories and spare parts

Image showing the dimensions of the D2 nanolitre SBS plate Dispenser

The d2 is small! Only slightly wider than an SBS plate.

Small enough to fit onto any bench, under an extraction hood or into an existing automation system.

Gyger hard closing digital valve

At the heart of the d2 dispenser are high quality hard-closure valves from Fritz Gyger AG of Switzerland. swiss flag

By utilizing ruby and sapphire as the valve closing materials, very high chemical resistance and compatability can be achieved.
  1. Closing spring
  2. Valve ball - using ruby
  3. Valve seat and nozzle - using sapphire

For more information on valve technology available from Fritz Gyger AG and also other dispenser options such as the high speed 8 valve Certus Flex, see:

D2 SBS microplate dispenser on a Tecan liquid handler deck.

A perfect partner to your liquid handler.

The d2 will fit on deck of most liquid handlers to complement tip based liquid handling.

  1. Less usage of disposable tips, less plastic waste and lower costs
  2. Lower dead volumes vs use of fixed tips
  3. Bulk fill plates with multiple different fluid types, without the need for multi-way valves and large dead volumes
  4. High accuracy dispensing with very low CV values

For more information on integration options:-
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The d2 is small, fast and accurate.


Weight: 2kg
Size/footprint: 300 mm x 200mm
Size/height: 210mm (height)
Small enough to easily fit on a benchtop, under a fume hood or on the deck of a liquid handler instrument to provide fast and accurate dispensing in order to compliment the tip based liquid handling.


Valve Count: 2. Easily replaceable valves with many options to suite both high and low volumes.
Valve Type:

  • Manf: Fritz Gyger AG (Switzerland)
  • Description: Hard seal material (sapphire and ruby ) used for the valve closure :- high chemical resistance.


Labware: 6 well through to 1536 well plates. Deep well plates up to 65mm tall.
Modes: Automatic stop and drop mode and fly by mode ( dispense on the fly ) depending on dispense volume.

Performance Examples:
96 well plate with 20ul

  • Valve: [SMLD 300G J0.2 T2] at 0.5bar
    Duration: 47secs (stop and drop mode)
384 well plate with 5ul
  • Valve: [SMLD 300G J0.2 T2] at 0.5bar
    Duration: 109secs (stop and drop mode)
1536 well plate with 0.5ul
  • Valve: [SMLD 300G J0.2 T2] at 0.5bar
    Duration: 99secs (on the fly mode)
1536 well plate with 2.5ul
  • Valve: [SMLD 300G J0.2 T2] at 0.5bar
    Duration: 335secs (stop and drop mode)


No software installation is required, all you need is an Internet browser.
We currenly officially support Google Chrome browser.
Chrome is available on all platforms:-

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Linux
  • Chrome OS
Fluid Compatability

Fluid Types: Thanks to the use of high quality valves from Fritz Gyger AG it is possible to dispense a wide range of harsh fluids without damage to the valves. (flushing required for some harsh fluids such as acids)

  • Solvents, DMSO etc
  • Acids
  • Buffers
  • Reagents
  • Cells
  • etc, etc


Power: 6w standby, 12w active
Volts: 120 to 230 VAC, 50-60 Hz (country specific mains power supply)
Comms: RS485 ( USB adapter supplied )

Compressed Air

Dispense Pressure: 0.2bar to 0.5bar (circa 3PSI-7.2PSI) (pre-set with included pressure regulator)
Max Supply Pressure: 8bar (116PSI) (this is the maximum rated inlet pressure of the supplied pressure regulator, if your lab air supply exceeds this value you must fit a secondary regulator to reduce the pressure supplied to the D2's precision regulator)
Push to fit connector: 6mm OD