automated non-contact SBS and microtiter multidrop plate dispenser

d2 reagent dispenser

$ 14,500

More product info

  • Small and lightweight
  • Simple setup, no need for a site visit by an engineer
  • Simply connect power and comms, open your browser and begin. No software to install.

what is supplied?

High quality valves (2pcs)
  • Manf: Fritz Gyger AG (Switzerland) swiss flag
  • Type: SMLD 300G 19524 Nozzle:0.2 Travel:0.06mm T2 Filter:40um
  • Info: The valves are threaded to allow for simple fitting and replacement by screwing the valve into position.
gyger valve
Bottle kits (2pcs) (includes fluid and air supply lines)
  • Manf: Fritz Gyger AG (Switzerland) swiss flag
  • Type: 250ml bottle with GL45 precision machined bottle cap ( from PTFE and PBT materials ) with 1 input and 2 outputs
  • Info: A single bottle can supply either one or both valves. The GL45 bottle cap can be used with various bottle volumes up to 1000ml
bottle kit
Precision air regulator

  • Manf: Shako Co Ltd (Taiwan) taiwan flag
  • Type: 1/4" High precision air pressure regulator 0.05 to 2bar
  • Info: Preset to 0.3bar and supplied with push-to-fit air fittings to suit most lab CDA (compressed dry air) supplies