Integrated Systems and Automation


We ensure that our systems are of the highest possible quality.

Starting with the assessment of the clients needs, right through to user training and on site installation and commissioning.

We strive to meet the highest possible standards for quality and client satisfaction.

Lab Automation System

Lab Automation Scheduler Software

Software is the most important part of any automation system.

Lab automation scheduler software absolutely must be reliable. Without reliable software, backed by swift and knowledgeable support, even the best hardware cannot shine!

Our scheduler software suite, Revolution™, is tried and tested.

For over 10 years customers around the world have trusted Revolution™ to reliably run their automation systems.

Revolution - Lab Automation Scheduler

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Our lab automation systems are flexible by design.

Systems that can change and grow to best suit your needs, both now and in the future.

We know that your requirements are not fixed and that your needs will change over time. Your system should adapt to suit your needs, not the reverse.

Laboratory Automation System


We provide cost-effective automation solutions from simple bench-top solutions with one or two instruments through to large multiple robot integrated systems.

Our systems can integrate with your LIMS, database and project management software or can be a simple standalone solution.

Bench-top lab automation system
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