Revolution Scheduler

Lab automation scheduler software

High Quality Agile Software

Revolution is a modern, scalable and reliable scheduler platform. Developed in C#/.Net by a tight team of developers which has helped to ensure that we have a clean and supportable codebase. This translates into better software for you.

Why is Revolution considered best in class?
  • Error Recovery- world leading hardware error reporting and recovery.
  • Virtual Storage- Join, split and partition incubators and plate hotels to best suit your usage.
  • Unit Testing- Over 5,000 unit tests, nightly builds and professional testing ensures our software is always reliable.
  • Scalable- Revolution supports systems of all sizes and complexities. From simple benchtop systems to large scale automation.
  • Edit on the fly- Make changes to protocols and schedules on the fly.
  • 3D Simulator- In built 3D simulator to aid schedule development.
  • Simple licencing- Revolution is licenced based on the devices of your system so you don't pay for anything you do not need.

Supported Robots, Devices and Instruments


  • Precise Automation (Brooks)
    PF400 Collaborative Robot
  • Staubli
  • Kuka

Storage Device and Incubators

  • Thermo
    Cytomat 2, Cytomat 10, Cytomat 24, Cytomat 48, Cytomat 6001 etc
  • HiRes Biosolutions
    SteriStore, AmbiStore, MicroServe, NanoServe, PicoServe etc
  • LiCONiC

Liquid Handlers and Dispensers

  • Gyger (Fritz Gyger AG)
    Certus Flex
  • UK Robotics
    d2 nanolitre dispenser More info
  • Labcyte
    Echo acoustic dispenser range
  • SPT
  • Beckman Coulter
    Bioraptr (including upgrade path to Windows 7/64bit and beyond)
  • Tecan
    Fluent and Freedom EVO platforms
  • Hamilton
  • Thermo
    MultiDrop Combi and Combi NL
  • AnalytikJena
    CyBio Well vario Series

Plate Readers

  • Bruker
    rapifleX MALDI-TOF integration
  • Hamamatsu
    FDSS 7000
  • PerkinElmer
    Opera, Operetta and Viewlux
  • BMG
    SPECTROstar, PHERAstar FSX, CLARIOstar, SPECTROstar Nano etc
  • Synentec

Plate Sealing/Peeling

  • Brooks
    XPeel Automated Plate Seal Remover
  • Agilent/Velocity11
    PlateLoc Thermal Microplate Sealer

Automated Centrifuges

  • Bionex Solutions
    HiG3 and HiG4 Automated Centrifuge
  • HiRes Biosolutions
  • Agilent/Velocity11

Microplate Delidding and Tube Handling

  • UK Robotics
    LH4 Lid Handler
  • HiRes Biosolutions
  • Hamilton
    LabElite DeCapper
  • LIMS

    • We have a wealth of experience of integrating scheduler software and automation with LIMS software. We have integrated with several commercial software applications and also customer's internally developed LIMS.

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